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Project Manager SAP IAM (m/w)


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Für unseren Kunden, ein technisch innovatives Unternehmen aus dem Raum Hagen, suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt einen Project Manager SAP IAM (m/w).



* Identity Management System - independent from any application driven solution

* Management of Identities like persons, objects, devices and others and their lifecycles

* Management of Organizations using models, structures, responsibilities and their dependencies, management of their lifecycles

* Management of Assets like access cards, tokens, accesses to IT systems, roles/permissions inside of different application systems, management of their lifecycles

* Access Management System - in general independent from any application driven solution, but in this 1st step related to necessities in the SAP environment

* Management of roles and permissions based on an application specific context (e.g. ERP, BW/BI, EWM, FIORI, …) and their lifecycle

* Optimization of the current SAP authorization composition with regards to information security, confidentially, data integrity and customer's satisfaction

* Raising customer satisfaction by decreasing throughput time of customer requests

* Covering the requirements of a corporate governance by establishing transparent and well documented approval processes to assign/deassign user access rights

* Covering legal and company internal requirements for information security (corporate governance)

* Prevention of data from unintentional and intentional destruction or manipulation

* Protection of data integrity against intentional manipulation and unintentional misuse

* Safeguarding confidentiality and privacy protection of company internal and sensitive information

* Documentation of the entire approval process for assigning and de-assigning access rights to users or groups of users

* Formulates and defines scope and objectives of the project in collaboration with the accountable project sponsor and ensures communication and agreement of project goals, schedule baselines, and strategic direction to all identified stakeholders

* Compliance

* Ensures and is directly accountable for compliance with project management, portfolio management and policies, guidelines, process tools and reporting standards of the portfolio.

* It should include all system qualification/validation state documentation, project documentation and resource forecasting/tracking, financial forecasting/tracking and governance procedures of the portfolio for the specific projects assigned


Für diese Aufgabenstellung sollten Sie über die folgenden Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen verfügen:

* Conceptual skills and experience in the area of Identity and Access Management and the project responsibilities (as described above)

* Proven work experience as a Project Manager, preferably for Identity and Access Management-Projects

* Experience in project management, from conception to delivery

* An ability to prepare and interpret flowcharts, schedules and step-by-step action plans

* Solid organizational skills, including multitasking and time-management

* Strong client-facing and teamwork skills

* Familiarity with risk management and quality assurance control

* Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner

* Hands-on experience with project management tools

* PMA, PMP or PRINCE2 certification is a plus


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