Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about provativ.

  • 1.
    How quickly can you offer me candidates?
    Due to its large and well-maintained candidate pool, provativ is able to offer suitable candidates in the shortest possible time, in many cases already within 24 hours.
  • 2.
    What happens to my inquiry at provativ?
    The individual steps from qualification of your requirements to recruitment for your project can be found here.
  • 3.
    How does provativ assure the quality of candidates?
    provativ assures the quality of the selected candidates through a multi-stage selection process:

    Stage 1 – Registration interview: Before being registered in provativ's pool of candidates, an applicant is interviewed initially to examine their basic suitability, core activities and completeness of their data record. This serves as a basis for deciding on registration in the provativ database.

    Stage 2 – Pre-selection: In the case of a concrete project inquiry, the provativ recruitment team searches the database for matching candidates. Conducted with these candidates is a project-specific telephone interview (briefing) in which professional and personal suitability for the project are clarified. All suitable and available experts are then announced, together with their full consultancy profile, to the responsible account manager.

    Stage 3 – Selection of the best match: Against the background of their detailed knowledge of the client company and the objectives of the upcoming project, the responsible account manager performs a second, detailed interview with the pre-selected candidates to identify the consultant profiles with the best match. These are relayed, together with comments, to the customer.

    This process ensures that we always provide you with proposals for consultants who possess precisely matched qualifications as well as relevant work and industry experience, and who fit perfectly into your team on a personal level.
  • 4.
    What distinguishes provativ from other recruitment agencies?
    provativ focuses on the mediation of IT specialists and IT project managers, as well as experts from the fields of transformation and digitization for temporary project assignments.

    As the sole provider in Germany, provativ, in cooperation with its affiliate univativ, is able to offer teams of specialists with many years of experience as well as qualified juniors from a single source. For projects of any circumstances, this allows you to achieve the optimal blend of experience and youthful impulsiveness, besides providing the reassurance that you are paying only for the qualifications required for each task. The option of obtaining this combination from a single source is unique for the German market.

    As a subsidiary of the univativ group, provativ offers the benefits of stability and solidity on one hand, while possessing the spirit, flexibility and pioneering character of a young, up and coming company on the other hand.
  • 5.
    Which advantages does provativ offer me in obtaining freelance specialists?
    • High availability through access to an exclusively used and quality-assured pool of over 75,000 freelance IT specialists in Germany and Poland (local nearshoring)
    • Easy access to key competences, in particular, in the areas of IT project management, transformation, and digitization
    • Efficient identification, with regard to cost and time, of consultant profiles which precisely match your requirements
    • Cost reduction through intelligent management of resources ranging from juniors to experts, from a single source
    • Seasoned and transparent project management without "hitches" on the basis of clearly formulated contracts
  • 6.
    On which contractual basis can we collaborate with provativ?
    provativ offers different types of contract. Which type of contract is used in each individual case depends on the content-related and organizational conditions of the service to be provided, legal requirements and wishes of our customers.
  • 7.
    Is there a minimum contract period?
    At provativ, there is no minimum contract period. Our customer's projects last from between a few days to several years. Currently, the average project duration is approximately 9 months.
  • 8.
    Can provativ deliver candidates with experience in our industry?
    Because of our discrete candidate pools, we are able to provide candidates with experience in virtually every industry.
  • 9.
    Can provativ also deliver entire teams?
    For staffing large projects or startups, provativ can also put together complete IT teams - including project management on request.

    For tasks which do not require long years of experience, provativ can also integrate qualified juniors from its affiliate univativ into the team and thus achieve significant cost advantages.
  • 10.
    Does provativ cover certain key topics within IT?
    provativ focuses primarily on the topics of transformation and digitization. IT project management is another focus of our service offer.
  • 11.
    What happens if a freelancer drops out or cooperation has to be terminated prematurely?
    If a deployed freelancer drops out, then provativ, in close collaboration with the person in charge at the customer's end, ensures qualified replacement as soon as possible.