Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about provativ.

  • 1.
    As a freelancer, what advantages do I have from cooperation with provativ?
    • Easy access to high-class projects
    • Simple and fair contracts
    • Punctual and reliable payment
    • Transparent and active communication
    • Cooperation based on partnership at eye level
    • Precisely matched project proposals to realize your personal career objectives
  • 2.
    What ranking do you have as a freelancer at provativ?
    Freelance experts are partners at eye level for provativ. You also benefit from our familial corporate culture and our continuity in terms of personnel. You thus always have a direct link to your personal point of contact.
  • 3.
    How do I receive access to a project?
    An overview of the application process is provided here.
  • 4.
    How often do I actually receive project offers? Or is the pool of candidates only a data reservoir?
    The frequency at which you receive project offers from provativ depends significantly on your skills and core activities. For subjects in heavy demand, such as Java and web development, we receive new inquiries every day and forward them directly to our freelance business partners. But also in many other areas of IT, we regularly receive interesting requests from customers, so that registration with provativ is definitely worthwhile.
  • 5.
    Which clientele does provativ collaborate with?
    provativ works, in particular, for renowned German and international direct clients in all industries, as well as large consulting firms and system houses. Before dispatching your qualification profile to a customer, provativ notifies you of the customer's name. Your profile is dispatched only after your explicit consent.
  • 6.
    How are contracts at provativ prepared?
    Your assignment at provativ arises on the basis of a project-specific order which defines, among other things, the required performance. All general contractual content is governed by our clear and fair general terms and conditions.
  • 7.
    Payment periods
    The standard payment period for freelance professionals at provativ is 30 days, regardless of the customer's payment period. Faster payment, e.g. after 14 or even 7 days is possible at a discount.
  • 8.
    Why does provativ not disclose its calculations?
    You can rely on our orientation toward industry-standard terms and conditions. By way of numerous framework agreements with prestigious clients, we can offer particularly attractive hourly rates on the basis of higher volumes.