provativ places you in the centre, as an expert in your field. We want to win you as a long-term partner for implementing our customers' projects - fairness and communication at eye-level are therefore top priorities at provativ!

10 reasons for cooperation with provativ:

  • 1.
    Freelancers are in the focus at provativ
    The trend towards flexible forms of work is continuing and the demand for qualified, freelance experts is steadily rising. At provativ, we are aware that our success is only made possible by the satisfaction of our freelance partners with whom we cooperate at eye level. For this reason, we place special emphasis on close and personal contact to our partners, because we feel that successful project deployment means more than "just" fulfilling the respective tasks. We want that you enjoy working with us and develop the passion which can lead to emergence of a partnership based on trust from a business relationship.
  • 2.
    Personal attention starting with a project offer until the end of deployment
    From the time of first contact in the framework of a customer project, provativ provides you with a firm point of liaison from the recruitment team. During your deployment, the responsible account manager attends to you and ensures, as an interface to the customer, smooth organization and progression of your assignment.
  • 3.
    Clear and fair contracts
    We want to avoid losing time with large, complex project or framework contracts. You therefore receive from us a mandate which contains essential project-specific parameters and a service description. The remaining "rules of the game" are summarized clearly, comprehensibly and fairly in our general terms and conditions.
  • 4.
    Interesting project offers from renowned direct customers
    As a subsidiary of the univativ group, provativ benefits from a customer base which has grown for 20 years. Among them are the "who's who" of the German and global economies. Many of these customers list us as a supplier, i.e. you usually work directly for the end customer without any additional intermediaries in the supply chain.
  • 5.
    Attractive terms
    provativ offers you an attractive fee which is in line with the market and matches your qualifications and experience. For us, this is the basis of fair cooperation.
  • 6.
    You determine the payment period
    Our standard payment period of 30 days is shorter than the industry average. Via a discount scheme, you can reduce this period to 14 or even 7 days, regardless of the end customer's payment period.
  • 7.
    Transparency through reliable communication
    Because we want you to remain fully in the picture at all times, active communication is a top priority for provativ. For us, this means not only assigning you a personal contact partner who always has time to listen to you, but also sparing you uncertainty and always keeping you updated in terms of application progress, deployment planning and project status.
  • 8.
    Seasoned project handling - guaranteed
    provativ relieves you through reliable handling of all administrative processes vis-à-vis the customer, including design and negotiation of contracts, preparation of offers, order confirmation, invoicing and payment tracking, as well as managing deadlines and budgetary constraints. You thus save valuable time and can concentrate fully on successful implementation of your project.
  • 9.
    provativ covers the risk of payment default for you
    With provativ as a partner, you are protected against non-payment by end customers. provativ pays your fee for rendered and accepted services regardless of any failure on the part of the customer. For us, this fairness is a matter of course within the framework of our cooperation.
  • 10.
    "Umbrella" function for your independently acquired project
    Have you acquired a project yourself via a direct customer contact, but need a partner listed by the purchase department in order to start? provativ takes over contract handling vis-à-vis the customer on your behalf – at attractive terms.